Art glass paperweight sells for $6,900 on eBay

A little history on why paperweights are collectible and so expensive might shed some light on this astronomical price.

Vintage bottle openers can sell for over $100

Paperweight collecting is serious business. A very special one, indeed. The names of the factories where Clichy, Baccarat, and St. It is unlikely to find such an expensive collectible in thrift stores or estate sales, but it is always possible. There are actually conventions and trade shows dedicated to this hobby. Check the Paperweight Collectors Association for information on conventions near you. See the actual listing here..

There are three main types of art glass paperweights that collectors find desirable. (Baccarat is recognized as a maker of fine cut glass, such as decanters.) Some fine glass paperweights were also made in the United Kingdom, USA, and other countries.

The item sold on eBay was an antique 1848 St. Cameo paperweights contain a portrait plaque in very fine detail made from ceramic. The composites usually resemble flowers, but they can be arranged in any type of design. Perhaps after reading this, interesting glass paperweights will be on your list of items to stop and research when out treasure hunting.

Fine glass paperweights are actually considered art and can be found in museums on display. First is Millefiori, which contain thin cross-sections of cylindrical canes made from colored rods. These often are made to commemorate a particular person or special event.

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Yes, you read that right, a paperweight sold for almost $7,000! But this wasn’t just any paperweight, it was an antique St. Lampwork glass paperweights have some sort of small item inside such as a butterfly, fruit, or flowers. The seller was Rhode Island Internet Consignment & Sales and the item sold on December 30. Louis Art Glass Millefiori with a ribbon and canes design. Louis. The auction started at 99 cents, received 38 bids, and sold for $6,900. Louis Art Glass Millefiori paperweight. Between 1845 and 1860, antique fine glass paperweights were produced in three factories in France. Sometimes the item inside is made of a composite material and very closely resembles a living item, such as an insect or flora or fauna

The Pros and Cons of Online Betting Games – Discussed in Detail!

Know whether you have to make the payment every time you login or will you be given an account for all gaming transactions. You have to invest in order to play some of the gambling games, so obviously you get the fire in your belly to make a considerable ROI, which urges the players to take risk. Please read through carefully to benefit from online games, while not compromising on your interests.

There are mediating agents who gain more profit among all. The more the betting, the more the commission they can enjoy.

Some important instructions that would help players to engage in a safe betting game are listed here. There are different levels of stakes for every casino games, some at the minimum level and some are maximum level.

Read through the betting policy of the website carefully, preferably read twice and try to understand every single line mentioned there.

Gambling games are the trendy of the day and people are purposefully developing crazier attitude towards such games. As an investor and a player, double check the legitimacy of the website, before you continue to enjoy the experience of online gambling world.

Online gaming world has seen radical growth in the recent years, with tremendous new technologies and concepts being looped in. Online games are more like a business than just fun and entertainment. sbo222 and ibcbet are few hot spot gambling games that fixes a minimum betting level for their players. They claim it to be their interest and involvement over their favorite sport, but the craze of winning of bet is definitely an unavoidable reason. Generally, the minimum betting for IBCBET is $250. There are location based agents, game based agents and website based agents, whose main motive is to bring in more player and more betting amount from each player. Of course, casino games are a good source to make profits, but not all websites are legitimate.

Learn about the privacy factor in the gaming website. .

Internet is being used as the instant and easy source of getting richer in life, and gaming is one of the most easy and interesting ways for it.

Know about the legitimacy of the gaming website, before investing in it.

Online betting games are ruling the market today and people are ready to take high risks, in the over confidence that they can gain high profits. The web blogs for these games are open all through the day, through the year, so nothing stops or restricts the players to enjoy this betting anytime on any day of their choice. AFB88 is one of the coolest online gaming website, which has ample gambling games for the casino lovers. Web gaming has high popularity and strength, for the main reasons including RSS feeds and online betting values. Gambling can be enjoyed by people who love to take risk in their lives, at least at a basic level. Know about the need for providing credit card information, and what particular details would be required and how/when to provide them

Poker star Phil Ivey accused of cheating by U.K. casino

“Any allegations of wrongdoing by Crockfords are denied by me in the very strongest of terms.”

Court papers filed in Britain’s High Court by the Malaysia-based Genting Group say that Ivey and an accomplice successfully used a scam to rack up winnings of roughly $11.9 million last summer.

The court papers also claim that Ivey specifically asked for an Asian dealer so his accomplice could communicate with that dealer in a language not known by the rest of the casino staff. He has attracted a large fan base and been active with several charities since winning millions of dollars at poker.. His lawyers said the casino refused to pay Ivey the money he had won playing baccarat at Crockfords, which is part of the Genting Group.

The court papers say Punto Banco Baccarat is played with six or eight decks of cards placed in what is called a dealing “shoe.” The goal in each hand, which consists of two or three cards, is to get closest to nine — the best first cards are a 7, 8 or 9 since a 10 or a picture card counts as zero.

Ivey, a 37-year-old American, has been phenomenally successful, winning numerous World Series of Poker Championship bracelets.

The casino responded in court Tuesday by accusing Ivey of cheating, saying his winnings were invalid because they were “based upon illegal acts.”

The casino group said in the court papers that Ivey’s “illegal acts” void his claimed winnings. They were then able to convince the dealer, after cards were revealed, to turn the card either sideways or end over end.

Players can bet that they will win, that the bank will win, or that the hand will be a tie.

The case has rocked the world of professional poker by pitting one of its most charismatic young stars against a major resort and casino operator. The game in question took place on Aug. The staff was not suspicious because the accomplice, who spoke Cantonese with the dealers, acted like she was superstitious and just changing the way the cards lay for good luck, court papers say.

“The fact that I have issued a lawsuit in the face of what they are alleging says everything about how comfortable I am with my conduct and the validity of my win,” he said.

© 2013 The Associated Press. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. Ivey sustained his success, the court papers claimed, by asking that the cards be shuffled automatically by a machine, which meant the way the cards were arranged was not altered as the game progressed.

The court papers say that Ivey and his accomplice, after some trial and error, found a “shoe” that contained decks of cards with an asymmetrical design. It said he was able to have a “significant advantage” over the casino by using improper means to determine whether the first card being dealt in the baccarat hands would be a powerful or weak card, allowing him to place his bets accordingly.

On Wednesday, Ivey issued a statement through his lawyers denying any misconduct.

The effect was that the dealer inadvertently sorted the cards so that 7, 8 and 9 cards were distinguishable from others. 20-21 at Crockfords, one of London’s oldest and most respected casinos.

LONDONA major casino operator is accusing Phil Ivey, an American who is one of the world’s top professional poker players, of amassing millions of dollars in winnings by cheating at baccarat.

The long-simmering dispute was first made public last month when Ivey filed a claim against the Genting Group in London’s High Court. All Rights Reserved

Asia at heart of matchfixing, ex-FIFA man says | Reuters

“If they focused on transparency in gambling houses in Southeast Asia, being able to see who did what, when and how, this alone would have a major effect on addressing the issues of sport corruption,” he said.

“These are very sophisticated frauds. You can probably multiply that by a hundred,” he said.

“There’s no will to regulate gambling houses in Southeast Asia. The other 70 percent is unregistered, often channeled through Southeast Asian websites.

Italy was one of the major targets of the match-fixers identified by European police forces, despite having what Eaton considers to be one of the best gambling regulators in Europe.

Eaton believes the real facilitator of this is the opportunity it provides to commit betting fraud and the susceptibility of the Southeast Asian betting market, where most betting fraud is committed.

“You have under-regulated, grey-area gambling where the regulators are not really serious, transparency rules are not to best practice and government oversight is almost non-existent.”

“It’s infinitesimal compared to what was made in the Asian market. Today’s gambling institutions most closely resembled international finance, with its banking, derivative trading and commodities trading, according to Eaton, a former Interpol operations manager.

The known cases of match-fixing occurred mostly in the West, but the real profits for the syndicates were in Southeast Asia, where the size of the gambling market completely dwarfed that of Europe.

Eaton estimates that 30 percent of all gambling on sports in Italy goes through registered Italian bookmakers. Sport corruption is borne of betting fraud – it’s a cycle” he said.

(Editing by Clare Fallon)

The grey gambling market’s lack of oversight undermined the efforts of countries such as South Korea, where 41 players from its K-League were banned for life by FIFA for match-fixing, and authorities have allied with sports agencies and police to combat the corruption.

The region’s lax regulation coupled with the sheer scale of the betting market made it far more attractive to people wanting to manipulate it, such as those accused of match-fixing by Europol.

SINGAPORE Gambling houses in Southeast Asia form the foundation for organized crime gangs to generate huge profits from sports match-fixing, according to Chris Eaton, ex-FIFA head of security and director of Qatar’s International Centre for Sport Security.

“It’s almost impossible to measure how they do business and what weaknesses they have that allow organized crime to take advantage of them.”

Although recent match-fixing scandals have struck South Korea, China and Italy, corruption in football has long been a global problem.

“The grey-area betting businesses, particularly out of Manila, are the biggest concern to us. These online businesses operated as an exchange, rather than a traditional risk-taking bookmakers which would bet against the gambler themselves.. There’s a lack of commitment. The three largest houses each transact $2 billion a week – a hell of a lot of money.”

Instead they took a commission and farmed out the bets to bookmakers around the world, seeking to make slightly more than a one percent turnover, according to Eaton.

European police shone a spotlight on the region on Monday when they announced a Singapore-based syndicate had directed match-fixing for at least 380 soccer games in Europe alone, making at least eight million euros ($11 million).

“It could just as well be betting on tiddlywinks, or on flies crawling up a wall.”

The three largest gambling houses in Asia, IBCBET, SBOBET and 188BET, are all in Manila in the Philippines. They’re not very easy to disguise, so the fixers have to time it in such a way as to get it past the houses,” said Eaton.

Because the bookmakers were the ones taking on the risk, there was little incentive for the Manila-based exchanges to work against match-fixing.

Gone were the movie images of people entering smoke-filled rooms with bags of money and betting slips. We don’t know enough about them and the government has an under-regulated environment,” said Eaton.

To put this into perspective, Eaton said this sum could purchase four international-standard hospitals or pay for a thousand police officers for a year.

The international nature of the betting frauds meant the Italian authorities’ supervision ultimately amounted to little when deterring corruption in sport.

Typically this occurred late in the game, to lessen the odds of alerting the gambling house to the fraud.

The match-fixers were also able to exploit the gambling house system by writing computer programs to place hundreds of bets at the house’s maximum limit in a matter of seconds, mostly while the rigged matches were still being played.

This “grey area” gambling lies between legal betting and “black area” gambling, which Eaton identifies as illegal, cash-based betting with a trusted clientele known to the bookmakers.

“This is bigger than Coca-Cola, which is a trillion a year. This is a global economy, a growing global economy, and it needs to be regulated and supervised, and governments aren’t doing this.”

“It’s all done with algorithms and machines, almost like any commodity house in the U.S. Eaton describes their operations as “very opaque” and said what was known of them came purely from talking to people familiar with their workings, as there was no government record.

Eaton believes that until governments and authorities work to close these lucrative channels of profit for organized crime, match-fixing will continue to be a global problem for all sports.

The number paled in comparison to the gang’s profiteering in Asia, Eaton told Reuters in a telephone interview on Wednesday.

“They’re turning over so much money the organized crime is almost invisible to them,” he said.


Eaton said that, instead of governments and agencies targeting betting, they targeted corruption in the sport itself, which was simply a means to an end.


Their huge profits made them ideal for exploitation by organized crime syndicates. Their responsibility isn’t just to attract business but to properly regulate business,” said Eaton.

“If you don’t focus on betting fraud, then you won’t be able to properly address sport corruption. or London

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Online Casino News at The Virtual Casino Blog

However, for other casino games, such as blackjack and baccarat, several decks are used and it is important to know this because the number of decks that are used in a casino game affect the house edge.

Often, players like to venture into the games with higher number of decks because they are more realistic in resembling land-based casino environments, but players should be aware that there is a high price to pay for the thrill of playing multi hand games.

For Baccarat the deck situation is different. For example, in MicroGaming’s Vegas Downtown Blackjack the house edge with 8 decks is 0.64%, the house edge with 2 decks is 0.40% and the house edge with 1 deck is 0.01%. In the eight deck variant the house edge is 14.36%, which increases to 15.75% in the single deck variant. As you are able to choose to wager on one of three different bets (the Banker, the Tie and the Player) you should consider each one separetely.

New players are often unaware of the number of decks used in the games but this is crucial information because it afects the average payout ratio and you could make the wrong choice if you do not know this.

At most casinos the decks vary from 1 to 8 in games like European Blackjack, Atlantic City Blackjack, Vegas Strip Blackjack and Vegas Downtown Blackjack amongst others. But for MicroGaming’s Vegas Strip Blackjack The house edge with 8 decks is 0.43%, the house edge with 2 decks is 0.18% and the house edge with 1 deck is -0.18%; meaning that in the long run the house will lose money.

At online casinos you will find a lot of card games as they are an integral part of online casino gaming. The Tie Bet has the highest edge for the house, so try to stay away from that one as often as possible.. For the Player Bet the house edge is 1.24% with eight decks. Players who bet on the Banker often should stick to one deck Baccarat games; however if you, for some reason, like to bet on the Player you should go for Baccarat with eight decks. If you are used to poker as a card game you probably think that card games are played with only one deck. To make this clearer, the house edge is the percentage of each dollar wageres that the casino keeps in the long run. In Blackjack games the house edge increases as the number of decks in a game increases